Facebook Advertising – The Three Things You Must Do To Succeed

Many savvy marketers are dropping AdWords at the moment, only to do Facebook advertising instead. And I don’t blame them.  With its 500+ million users, Facebook has become a platform worth exploring. People use it all the time for social reasons, but marketers also use it to mingle with fans, get new connections, and to market their products.Then there are a few whose spotted a very lucrative way of making money on Facebook: They use Facebook advertising and Facebook’s advertising platform is worth an extra look. It doesn’t work in the same way as Google’s AdWords, where you get a contextual relevant ad. A Facebook ad will be displayed in the right sidebar of Facebook profiles and pages.Even though you cannot pick keywords in the same way as you can on Google, in order to be successful, the following three things must be in place:1. Target Your AdsIf you want the best results for your ads, you should target them at your ideal customer.You can target your ad on location, demographics, likes and interests, education and work, and even on connections on Facebook.2. Do Split TestsDo not rely on hitting spot on in your first try. You should always split test your ads to improve your results.When you’re split testing, make one change at a time. For instance, you can test one headline against another, and one text against another.Every time you get a better result, you can save that ad, and split test it against a new one.3. Facebook’s Conversion Tracking ToolsBut how do you know which ads perform the best?Facebook’s own conversion-tracking tool can help you with that part. You should of course use both that and analytics on your site to track sales.