Facebook Advertising – The Three Things You Must Do To Succeed

Many savvy marketers are dropping AdWords at the moment, only to do Facebook advertising instead. And I don’t blame them.  With its 500+ million users, Facebook has become a platform worth exploring. People use it all the time for social reasons, but marketers also use it to mingle with fans, get new connections, and to market their products.Then there are a few whose spotted a very lucrative way of making money on Facebook: They use Facebook advertising and Facebook’s advertising platform is worth an extra look. It doesn’t work in the same way as Google’s AdWords, where you get a contextual relevant ad. A Facebook ad will be displayed in the right sidebar of Facebook profiles and pages.Even though you cannot pick keywords in the same way as you can on Google, in order to be successful, the following three things must be in place:1. Target Your AdsIf you want the best results for your ads, you should target them at your ideal customer.You can target your ad on location, demographics, likes and interests, education and work, and even on connections on Facebook.2. Do Split TestsDo not rely on hitting spot on in your first try. You should always split test your ads to improve your results.When you’re split testing, make one change at a time. For instance, you can test one headline against another, and one text against another.Every time you get a better result, you can save that ad, and split test it against a new one.3. Facebook’s Conversion Tracking ToolsBut how do you know which ads perform the best?Facebook’s own conversion-tracking tool can help you with that part. You should of course use both that and analytics on your site to track sales.

What Is the Best Facebook Advertising Strategy?

Facebook advertising is a great way to get targeted traffic to your site because it gives you so many more options to target your traffic by then any other paid traffic or free traffic system out there. You can search by much more specific factors than you can with AdWords or through any other paid advertising network, equaling more targeted users to your website performing the kind of actions which you want from them.This article is going to reveal the part of the best Facebook advertising strategy.Every Facebook advertising strategy consists of 3 steps. The first step is designing the ad itself.The first thing that you want to do is put in the URL of the web page that you want to send your traffic towards. Facebook will now generate an ad for you based on that web page’s meta-title and description. I recommend against using this, and you should clear this to write your own.Something to keep in mind is that the vast majority of everyone who sees your ad will notice it because of its image. Therefore this is where we will begin. Something which I have noticed and is a vital part of my Facebook advertising strategy is to go with an image of an attractive man or woman, and specifically one which shows the person establishing eye contact with the person viewing the ad. I generally use an attractive man when targeting women with the ad and vice versa when targeting men.It’s a bit sad as well as a statement about our society, but attractive people command attention. Not only do attractive people grab our attention, but statistically the average person is more likely to listen to an attractive person and trust them more than any other kind of stranger. Your viewer sees the image and gets the idea that that person is speaking to them through the image.I half expect you to scoff at this but the proof is in the pudding because I have found that I practically always get a great click through rate using an attractive attention grabbing person as my image.You can take a lot of time finding a very appropriate and relevant image, but with the amount of work which I put into it, 9 times out of 10 I’ll find that I get just as good of a click through rate with an attractive person image as I will after choosing a very relevant image. Go figure.Okay, now you need a great title to go with your great image. The title and the image play roughly 80% in determining whether or not someone clicks through your ad. Remember, you want as high a click through rate as possible because this is the most dominant factor in determining and lowering how much you pay per click.

Facebook Advertising for Small Business Owners

Facebook Advertising IntroductionIn today’s post we are going to discuss Facebook PPC advertising and give some tips and tricks of the trade for small business owners. Facebook pay per click allows you to target a selected area so if you are a small business owner with a shop, you can cast a net to only the areas you serviced. This will help narrow down your targeting and ensure quality leads. Facebook pay per click works on a bidding system. The cost you pay per click you receive depends on your bid, the niche, and the quality of your ad and the website you are advertising. Having quality content is a must, remember when you are writing your content to write to users, and not to the computer.Writing your Facebook AdFacebook allows two options, if you have a Facebook page for your business, you can advertise the page directly, or you can advertise a website directly. Depending on what you are trying to grow, but for our purposes we will focus on advertising a Facebook page because I think they are a little simpler. Listed below are the options we want to set in order to advertise a Facebook page.Make sure you have a headline that POPS! Your headline is probably the most important part of your ad, the picture being the second. Having good Ad Copy is a must when it comes to writing ads. Remember you are competing with other business owners in your area who also want customers. You have to be aggressive.Targeting customers on FacebookWhen you own a shop, advertising is going to be a little different when using pay per click. The big advantage is as that you can target a specific area as I stated before. If you are a business with a shop and a website that sells products, then you can advertise to places outside of your area if you wish. This is a great way to explore and find new customers. If your business does not operate in a certain area then different rules apply.First lets discuss users with a brick and mortar shop. Users who operate in a specific location would benefit best by targeting people in a certain radius of their business. I suggest you make a list of how your going to target your customers. I am going to use a pet shop as an example business. A pet shop in York PA with no website, would start their targeting list by targeting the York PA Area and/or a couple surround counties. Next thing on Facebook we want to take a look at the age and gender. Depending on your product, these options will be set differently. For our pet shop purposes we are going to Focus on men and women who are between the ages of 30-50. Next category is going to be specific interest. Since we are a pet shop, lets target #Animal Planet.. Try to be creative when your targeting. Facebook also offers a Broad Category area where you can be more specific on your targeting options. Below is a sample of what our targeting would look like.ConclusionAs you can see from the image above, Facebook will give you suggestions. These are a great way in finding hidden nuggets. Remember when your advertising you have to create multiple ads. We want to see which ad performs the best, then we fine tune that ad and pump it up. Pump up that ads budget and watch your customers roll in. Remember this is only one way to use Facebook Advertising. Facebook also has a new marketing technique where if you have more then 400 page likes, you can market your website using Facebook Marketing. Take your time and make sure your targeting is precise, and you will increase your visitors and customers every time.